Mount Bierstadt: Dogs & 14’ers

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Odin & Dio on Bierstadt at 14,065 feet Odin & Dio on Bierstadt at 14,065 feet

Coming down off Mount Bierstadt, I crossed paths with one of the most obnoxious dog owners I’ve ever seen on a mountain. A man and his yellow lab were beginning the climb from Bierstadt’s shoulder up the gnarly boulder field to the summit and the dog was lunging at the end of the leash, pulling her owner dangerously off balance on the rocks. In response, her owner was yanking the dog and bellowing, “NO BELLA! HEEL!”. He had left his wife/ girlfriend below with a second dog, who was also pulling and barking frantically, upset that she had been left behind.  As the closest 14’er to Denver, Bierstadt isn’t known for being a quiet mountain, but it was quite a scene.

Coming down off the peak, Dio and I picked our way down the boulders, each finding our own careful way…

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