Buckwheat Drop Scones with Apricots & Honey

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The Pink Rose Bakery

I had a conversation with someone last week that started innocently and ended with me wondering if I can be friends with him anymore.

The reason for my consternation is this:

Him: “Breakfast is the most boring meal of the day, isn’t it?”

Me: “WHAT??!!! No it isn’t!”

Him: “Yes it is! It’s always the same thing, every day. Weetabix and toast, weetabix and toast, weetabix and toast.”

Someone needs to educate him in the ways of breakfast. I would suggest his girlfriend but sadly I think she may be inflicted with the same unimaginative breakfast disease.

I mean, what other meal do you have the choice of sweet or savoury? Yoghurt and fruit or eggs and bacon? Cheese? Beans? Waffles? Pancakes? Granola? Pastries? Or if you are my sister, left over Chinese from the night before. The possibilities are endless.

Granted, some options take longer to prepare than others…

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